About Us

About the Company

Established as a business in 1897, Latto’s is one of the longest running businesses in the Clydebank area, and since then has continued to provide valuable services in the local area at a cost effective and efficient price specialising in traditional Glasgow tenement repairs.

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Our Promise

With all of the bad press surrounding roofers in the press and media in general we want to reassure you that we are professionals, and that all aspects of our day-to-day work is tailored to reflect this:

  • We believe in being open about our pricing, and this is why we have a clear and transparent pricing system in place. While many other companies may sell you unrealistic false promises, we are always open with our clients from the very start, ensuring all business is fair
  • We will always keep you up to date with any work which we deem necessary, and you will always be consulted wherever there are decisions to be made, meaning no unexpected bills.
  • All of our work is photographed. This is to ensure accurate records are kept of all works carried out, both for the benefit of ourselves and most importantly, for you, the client.

What our Clients Say:

  • J.Jefferson @ Space Solutions - "Your guys have done an excellent job for us with the scaffolding. Helpful, hardworking and informative"


Our charges are uncomplicated and 100 per cent transparent. There are no hidden extras and there is no call out charge.

Mon - Fri 8am - 4.30pm - £56

Mon - Fri 4.30pm - 8am - £86

Saturday All Day - £112

There is a minimum set fee of £100 + VAT which includes a two-man squad for 1.5 hours onsite. The prices above are for any additional necessary working hours and include labour costs, basic plant equipment hire, fuel and transport costs and management supervision. If additional materials are required, you will be informed so prior to works being carried out.

Please note that on certain occasions the work being carried out will require for there to be a three or even four-man squad, and if this is the case the costs will be calculated on the basis of the above figures.